The First Seven Year Events for a Child in Japan


- On the seventh night after birth
The parents officially name the baby at this celebration and the grandparents are often involved.


- Around the 30th day after the birth
It is a customary that the paternal grandmother holds the baby as the whole family visit the local Shinto Shrine to pray for the baby’s well-being.


– 100th day after the birth
A type of a weaning ceremony that traditionally involves the whole family celebrating the baby's eating solid food for the first time. A Japanese festive meal set on a low dining table is prepared for the baby to imitate eating.


– First Girl’s Day (March 3rd)/Boy’s Day (May 5th) after the birth
A baby girl is given “Hina Dolls”, a baby boy is given a warrior doll or armour and helmet, usually by the maternal grandparents.
These dolls are said to divert diseases or evil and protect the baby.

The First Birthday

Celebration styles vary in areas or regions. In some local towns a rice cake is put on the baby’s back to carry or the baby steps on a freshly made rice cake.


- Seven-Five-Three Festival
This is an annual ritual for young children on November 15. Three and five year old boys, and three and seven year old girls, often dressed in kimono, visit the local Shinto Shrine with their parents and grandparents. They wish for a long healthy life and celebrate the growth of the child.